Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Labor Playlist

I love listening to music and, I admit, I've developed a bit of an obsession with making playlists.  You name the occasion or mood and I have a playlist for it.  That being said, it was only natural for me to create a labor playlist.  I'm hoping that it will help me relax through contractions and keep me motivated (and somewhat distracted from the pain) during Jackson's labor.  Here is a sampling of what I'm planning on listening to:
 (Golden Slumbers)
 (In My Life)
(Is This Love, Three Little Birds, Stir It Up, Waiting In Vain)

(Sideways, My Way Home, Deep, Hurricane Waters, Nite Becomes Day, D'Artagnan's Theme, Fame)

(Keep Askin', Healing Hands, The Newspaper, Lifeline)

(If There's Love, Salvation, Hands of the Saints, Comin' Back, Theresa, Holdin' On)

(That Western Skyline, Give Me Time, Bedside Manner, Peace In the Valley)

(Somewhere Over the Rainbow)

(Bubble Toes, Fortunate Fool, F-Stop Blues, It's All Understood)

(The End, Birthday, Closer)

(Closer, Revelry, Cold Desert)

(Heart Skipped a Beat, Shelter, Infinity, Night Time, Stars)

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