Thursday, May 21, 2015

10 Months

Height: 29.25 inches
Weight: 22 pounds

Another month has flown by! Even though I hate how fast the time goes, it is so much fun to see more and more of your silly and sweet little personality come out!

You've developed a mega-watt grin, complete with a crinkled nose, and sound effect (which is a mixture between a pant and a hiss). You do it when you're really excited about something- whenever you see food coming your way, when daddy gets home from work, and when you hug your favorite toys...

Although you are not quite walking yet, as predicted, you are very close. Nowadays, when you're not able to cruise around furniture, you crawl more like a gorilla than a human baby...

I seriously believe that walking would take less effort, but you seem to like traveling around this way. I like it because it keeps your clothes clean, especially when we're outside... You've also just started to stand on your own. One of the first times you did this was when we were at the Arboretum. Jax and I were holding your hands and then let go and you stood all by yourself for several seconds!

Jackson had to tell everyone that we passed, "My baby sister can even stand all by herself now!!" He is such a proud big brother!

Unfortunately, it has been a little bit of a rough month. Not only is teething in full effect, you have been battling an ear infection and cold.

When I brought you in to the doctor, I thought for sure that you had pink eye because you woke up with your eyes completely crusted shut. It turns out, it was just from your extreme congestion. The doctor checked your ears and said they were on the verge of being infected so he prescribed an antibiotic right away (I was so thankful). After a few days, your crusty eyes cleared up and you seemed much happier.

Finally, this month we celebrated your baptism. You were the only one being baptized that day, so you had your own little private ceremony while daddy, Jackson, and I watched. Your godmother (Aunty Nicole) and godfather (Uncle Sam), Great-Grandma Idell, Grammy Ginny, Grammy Mary, Papa Tom, Uncle Tim, Aunty Selina, and cousin Bradley were there to celebrate with you, too! You looked like such a little angel that morning in your gown (which was the same gown Aunty Nicole and I wore for our baptisms).

Happy 10 months, sweetheart!

Love, Mom

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

9 Months

Height: 29.25 inches (92%ile)
 Weight: 20 pounds (81%ile)

Another month has just whizzed by! Look at how big you're getting. I can hardly stand it. And to think we'll be celebrating your first birthday in just 3 months?! I can't EVEN!

Just look at that sweet little face! Anyway, as you can probably tell from the pictures, you are a girl on the go! You prefer crawling and cruising around furniture to cuddling these days. Both your pediatrician and your ECFE teacher think you'll be walking by 10 months! Your favorite pastime is climbing the stairs, which has become an issue because daddy and I have yet to find a baby gate that fits the bottom of our stairs properly. You knocked over and scaled the first one we attempted and climbed right under the bench I tried to use... This look says it all, "Just try to stop me, mom..."!

I think your perseverance and tenacity has a lot to do with trying to keep up with, and be like, your big brother... We're starting to hear a lot of the same words that people use to describe him, to describe you. Words like busy, independent, confident, outgoing...

Of course, everyone comments on how cute you are, too. Seriously EVERYWHERE we go people stop us to tell me what a beautiful baby you are and what gorgeous big blue eyes you have.

You seem to enjoy the attention because you love saying "hi" and waving at people passing by. Speaking of, you are up to three words now: dada, mama, and hi! I can't tell you how excited and happy it makes me to hear you say mama! I just can't get enough, even when it's coming from your room in the middle of the night!

You continue to eat like a champ, even though you're still a toothless wonder. You've gradually started to eat more and more finger foods and less purees. You haven't met a food that you dislike! I'm not sure if it's due to the extra food intake or your disinterest in sitting still, but I've been nursing you less often these days... You typically nurse really well first thing in the morning and just before bed, but during the day, I really struggle to get you interested for longer than a couple of minutes. (Minutes in which you are climbing all over me and trying to keep an eye on what's going on around you. You've even figured out how to nurse standing up!) Even though it breaks my heart a little bit, I think the weaning process has begun. I'm still planning on continuing until you're a year, but instead of nursing 5-6 times a day it seems we are down to 3-4 times a day...

The month started out with the biggest snow storm of the season. I bundled you up in your brother's old snowsuit and we went out to make a snowman (your first snowman ever and Jax's first of the season). You were not amused. (I promise that I had mittens on you, but you refused to keep them on your hands). I think you share my dislike of winter (especially winter in April)...

Thankfully, the snow melted quickly and we've finally started to enjoy some warmer days. The nicer weather has brought more playdates! You've loved getting out and exploring parks with your little friends and brother.

Last week, we had our last Baby & Me class for the year. We had a great class and I really enjoyed the little bit of one-on-one time it provided us. (And Jackson enjoyed playing with all of the big brothers in the next room).

We also celebrated Easter! You observed while Jackson dyed Easter eggs...

Easter morning you and Jackson had fun searching for eggs and playing with all the goodies the Easter bunny brought.

That afternoon, Papa Tom's side of the family came over. You had so much fun entertaining everyone that you had to go take a nap about an hour into our party!

I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us!

Happy 9 months, sweetheart!

Love, Mom

Monday, April 13, 2015

And Then We Snapped | Weeks 12-15

I'm so excited to join my talented friends in another round of And Then We Snapped! The past few weeks have been a flurry of spring activities and my little one is fully on the move now (which means that down time is scarce these days). Here's a little of what we've been up to!

My littlest little is not so little anymore...

Easter crafting...

Easter egg hunting...

Those rolls, those eyes, that little smirk...


Up close and personal...

Next, be sure to continue the circle and check out my sweet friend (and awesome photographer) Ally of Allyson Wasmund Photography! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

8 Months

Height: 28.5 inches
Weight: 19.5 pounds

My sweet girl, what a fun month it has been watching you start to explore your surroundings! You are a girl on the move (and it's getting much more difficult to get your traditional, sitting monthly picture).

Although, I have to admit, I love these outtakes even more because they perfectly depict your spunky little personality. I could just eat you up. I seriously wish I could freeze time right now because it's such a fun stage! We even share the same excitement over a trip to Target (I hear you Izzy-girl, look at that empty aisle)!

You are an expert crawler and are also getting the hang of cruising around furniture. Just today, you figured out how to climb up stairs! There's no stopping you!

In other developmental news, you're starting to babble more. We hear da-da quite a bit, but you seem to call everyone that, so I don't think you've attached meaning to it yet (although I swear you say it every time you see daddy when he gets home from work). You also have just started to wave- it's not super coordinated, but we can totally tell what you're trying to do. I will have to get it on video before next month's post. You have also started to shriek at the top of your lungs as a form of communication. It's become a game that you and your brother play- you shriek and then he shrieks and then you both giggle (while I plug my ears). KG even joins in the fun sometimes and starts howling... (Have I mentioned that our house is a circus).

You started some finger foods this month, too, which you just love! I think peas are your favorite. You've also had some green beans, potatoes, cauliflower, cottage cheese, and various bits and pieces of anything soft that we're having for dinner. (You really liked my chicken pot pie). You still don't have any teeth, but you seem to be pretty proficient at gumming foods. You're also getting faster and more accurate delivering food from your hand to mouth (instead of grabbing a fistful and dropping most of what you picked up, you can now pick up a piece with your thumb and pointer finger and put it in your mouth). Meal time is filled with squeals of delight and lots of pounding on your tray for more!

Sleep has become somewhat more organized over the past month. It hard to get you into a solid routine because we're often out and about with your brother's various activities, but thankfully you sleep really well in the car. These days you go to bed around 8pm and sleep until 8am (when I usually have to wake you up so you can nurse before we bring Jax to preschool). Most nights you wake up once (around 2 or 3am) to eat and go right back to sleep, but sometimes you put up a fight. AND, every once in a while, you sleep a full 8-10 glorious hours in a row!! I'm hoping to see more and more nights like that in the near future- I feel like a new woman after getting a nice stretch of uninterrupted sleep. Your naps are getting a little longer now, too. You typically take two or three, 1-2 hours naps a day (depending on your previous night's sleep).

In other news, a new library opened in our little downtown area at the beginning of the month. It's awesome and has become a weekly activity for us!

The weather has slowly, but surely been getting nicer, which means we've been able to get out for more walks and trips to the park. You love riding in the stroller (probably because you have your own personal little entertainer standing right in front of you).

You've tried out the swing a few times, too, and had a blast!

You had your first trip to the Minnesota Zoo this month, as well. You loved watching the fish and the bears!

We even ventured out to the Arboretum one evening so Jax could run off some energy exploring in the woods (while I took pictures of you)... least I convinced him to join you for one.

He really is the best brother a girl could ask for. He loves you so, so much! He turned four this month and, in planning his birthday party, he wanted to make sure that you were invited. He even said that he would always invite you to his birthday parties- how sweet is that?! Gives me tears!

We are about to celebrate another first holiday with you- Easter! In preparation, we went to see the Easter bunny yesterday (and to celebrate the first day of Spring). I thought you would be terrified of him. Boy was I wrong!

Happy 8 months, sweetheart!

Love, Mom