Sunday, June 21, 2015

11 Months

Height: 30.25 inches
Weight: 23 pounds

Hello, my sweet girl! Good thing we only have one more of these monthly photo shoots left because you're on to my monthly sticker trick....

AND you are constantly on the move these days! Climbing on (and off) of furniture...

...and even scaling furniture!

You also LOVE to cuddle. Anytime you see a stuffed animal, or pillow, or blanket you give it a big hug and bury your head in the coziness. It's so cute!!

It ended up taking three rounds of antibiotics to finally get rid of the ear infection that I mentioned last month. Both times we went in to get your ears re-checked both the doctor and I were shocked that they were still infected because you still seemed as happy as could be. The first time I had them checked just because we happened to be at the doctor with Jackson for his asthma and an ear infection. (I don't know why you guys have been sick so often this summer!) I was so thankful when they finally cleared up because it sounded like tubes would have been the next step. Hopefully, that's the end of them (at least until winter).

Not only were you dealing with a never ending ear infection all month, you also broke some teeth! Your bottom right tooth broke through first, followed by the bottom left. I can also feel a little peak of a molar on your top left. (I often have my fingers in your mouth fishing out random items you've found around the house).

Despite all of that, you had a pretty fun month. You're still not quite walking, but you have taken a step here and there. You are an extremely fast crawler and furniture cruiser (and climber), so I just don't think you're all that motivated to walk. You can also stand up completely on your own now (instead of always having to pull up on furniture).

Your vocabulary consists almost entirely of the word "hi" which you say to just about everyone that crosses your path (accompanied by a wave). You also occasionally say dada. You babble constantly and have also started to nod your head yes (I have not encouraged or taught you to shake your head no!) You also love to give kisses and are always puckering your little lips up, hoping to catch a kiss from someone...

We've been on so many fun adventures this summer. You just love tagging along and have even started to do some exploring of your own (although you are quite entertained just keeping an eye on your brother). We went to Lake Harriet a couple times and you got to explore the band shell for the first time.

Jax also showed you the fountains.

We took another trip to the Children's Museum and you ventured out of your stroller to check out all the the toddler room has to offer. Your favorite were the mirrors!

Another highlight was a trip to the Walker Art Museum. You wouldn't think that an art museum would be a very fun place for two little ones, but the first Saturday of the month they offer free admission for families and have several child friendly activities. You and your brother had so much fun exploring all of the nooks and crannies of the museum that we didn't even make it to the kid stuff!

Whew! How is it possible that in just a month you will be one? My hear can hardly handle it!

Happy 11 months, sweetheart!

Love, Mom

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