Monday, January 26, 2015

And Then We Snapped | Week 4

January 18 - 24, 2015


18|365: We went on a winter walk and Isabelle had her first ride in a sled.

19|365: Love all of her expressions!



20|365: We went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory and pretended it was Spring (and you were thrilled to find some ants to play with).

21|365: I can hardly believe that it has been 6 months since this sweetheart entered our lives. It's so much fun to see her spunky little personality start to emerge. (And look how she's sitting up so nice by herself!)



22|365: An outtake from our little six month session. Just love all of her squishy baby rolls!


23|365: The day Jackson got a library card. He went up to the desk and asked for it all by himself and was so proud (he actually asked me to take this photo of him with his card)! I know it's not great technically, but I had to include it...

24|365: Isabelle is becoming little Miss Independent lately. She loves spending time on the floor rolling around, playing with her toys, and practicing her planks. It's so much fun to watch her, but I already miss snuggling her all day.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

6 Months

Height: 27 inches (86%ile)
Weight: 17 pounds, 11 ounces (75%ile)

Oh my sweetheart, how has 6 months already passed?! Although it feels as if you've been a part of our family forever, I can't believe that you're already half way to your first birthday and doing things like eating food and sitting and almost crawling! The newborn stage just whizzed by! You're wearing 6-12 month clothes now, too, and I'm pretty sure you're working on some teeth. You chew on everything and constantly smack your little gums together.

You started out the month with another bad ear infection. Since you had two, back to back, the doctor prescribed a stronger antibiotic this time. While it seemed to do a better job knocking out the ear infection, it caused some major tummy issues. The pharmacist warned me that the antibiotic may cause "problematic" diarrhea... If you ask me, all diarrhea should be considered problematic. Well, it became clear after two days that we had passed from just regular diarrhea to problematic diarrhea. (We're talking massive blowouts multiple times a day- as in up the back, out the front, and out the sides). The pharmacist recommended giving you a pro-biotic a couple times a day to ease your tummy. Thankfully, it seemed to do the trick, and we avoided any major blow outs while celebrating the holidays with relatives. Whew!

With all of your ear and tummy issues (and possible teething), came continued sleep issues. Not only have naps been scarce, you've been waking in the night again and the only thing that will calm you is nursing. Even now that your ear infection is completely better, we're back to one or two night time feedings... I guess I got spoiled with you sleeping through the night so early! I'm hoping that you're just going through a growth spurt and that it will work itself out soon!

You love eating and are getting really good at it. We just started some blends and you seem to like everything you've tried (although you prefer fruits to vegetables). I think your favorite right now is a plum/apple/barley blend! You're still nursing about five times a day and taking a few supplements a day. You're getting pretty good at holding the bottle yourself, too!

You're also becoming little Miss Independent! You used to be happy spending the day on my lap, or in my arms, but now (if you're not nursing) you squeal and squirm until I put you down. You just love hanging out on the floor with your toys (and brother).

(I think, you're telling him to back off above... He was just trying to help, Izzy, no need to punch him in the eye!)

This month, you've perfected the art of sitting. You went from supporting yourself with your hands to balancing upright in a matter of days (just after you turned 5 months).

You've also been using your floor time to play with your feet and strengthen your core. You have just started lifting up your tummy and rocking on your hands and feet. I don't think it will be long before you're crawling (you're getting pretty frustrated with this immobile business).

Finally, this past month brought both some fun outdoor activities as well as Christmas and New Year's celebrations! We visited the Ice Castle in Eden Prairie,

went sledding (well you didn't get to slide down the hill, but daddy did pull you in the sled a couple times),

and we even went to a kite festival (although I'm not sure how much you actually saw since you were bundled up next to me).

We celebrated Christmas with extended families on both sides and you got to meet some new relatives (including several second cousins).

New Year's was pretty wild. We had a family game day and were all asleep by 11. At least we got some party hats!

The past 6 months have truly flown by! We love you so, so much and are thoroughly enjoying the happy, vivacious little person that you're becoming. I can't wait to see what the next 6 months brings (but I'm praying that it goes a little slower)!

Happy 6 months, sweetheart!

Love, Mom

Monday, January 19, 2015

And Then We Snapped | Week 3


January 11 - 17, 2015


11|365: Rise and shine!



12|365: Jackson loves building with his Duplos (and creating elaborate stories about the towns he creates). I love his imagination!



13|365: Sunset from our deck.


14|365: Toes.



15|365: Jax had so much fun exploring the ice castle (almost as much fun as I had taking pictures there)! It was hard to decide which one to include, so I had to post two. The second one is what I typically deal with when trying to take is photo. Lol!


16|365: Isabelle's current favorite toy. She hasn't quite figured out how to open the doors, but she loves closing them. This is her "mommy will please open these again for me" face.



17|365: Jackson was so excited for the kite festival. We bundled up, packed the car with the ridiculous amount of gear necessary when leaving the house with a toddler and baby, and drove 45 minutes to the event only to have poor Jax step into an ice fishing hole about 2 minutes after we arrived. Even though he was soaked and freezing, he refused to leave until he got to fly his shark kite. Thankfully, there was some nice wind and he was toasty warm in the car just a few minutes later.


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Monday, January 12, 2015

And Then We Snapped | Week 2


January 4 - 10, 2015


4|365:  Isabelle is so interested in KG these days. Watching, petting, grabbing, pinching, kissing... Thankfully, he's loves the attention.



5|365: School was cancelled due to cold weather. We hibernated and read books and magazines (and watched some movies). Pants were optional.



6|365: Jackson's first time bowling! Despite his amazing form, even with the ramp and bumpers, he managed to roll quite a few gutter balls.



7|365: Baby Cobra. I think she's a natural yogi (and I don't think it will be long before this strong girl is crawling)!



8|365: My silly boy humoring me. Love all of his expressions (and his hat hair)!



9|365:  The plus side of shooting the sunrise in the winter: not having to wake up at 5am. The down side: it was -5 degrees when I took this.



10|365: My beautiful babies...


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Monday, January 5, 2015

And Then We Snapped | Week 1


 December 28, 2014 - January 3, 2015


With the new year, I have decided to start fresh with my 365 (among other things, but that's another story). We rang in the new year with a fun family game day and popped the confetti (and champagne) around 3 o'clock. None of us made it to midnight... Since, it has been pretty ridiculously cold (and we have all been passing around various viruses) we spent a lot of the week hibernating at home. Besides a brief warm-up, when we went out sledding, all of my photos were taken at home. Sorry for the monotony! Hopefully, we'll all be feeling better soon and the weather will improve so we can get out a little. I get so uninspired in the winter time, but there's nothing like the incredibly talented ladies in this group to get the creative juices flowing! Make sure to click the link at the bottom of this post to continue the blog circle.

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