Friday, March 4, 2011

37 Weeks (+1 Day)

Baby's Size and Development:  This week I can be much more specific because we had a growth ultrasound on Wednesday.  Jackson was weighing in at about 5 pounds (smaller than he should be).  Although his head is measuring right on track, his abdomen and femurs are measuring about 3-4 weeks behind.  These type of measurements can mean that he isn't getting enough nutrients (nutrients go to the head first to preserve brain development).  As a result, I will be monitored very closely over the next few weeks.

We had a non-stress test (NST) and biophysical profile (BPP) today, which Jackson and I passed (go team!).  During the NST, I was hooked up to a fetal monitor that measured the response of Jackson's heart rate to his movements.  The BPP was done via ultrasound and evaluated his movement and breathing, as well as the quantity of my amniotic fluid.  The best part of this test was getting to watch Jackson practice his breathing.  We also learned that he already has a full head of hair!

I will have a NST and BPP done twice a week for the rest of my pregnancy.  We also have an appointment with a perinatologist on Monday morning for a much more in depth ultrasound.  We will find out more about what might be the cause of Jackson's small size.  If they find out that he's not getting enough nutrients there is a chance that I'll be induced right away...  I've also been put on bed rest, at least until Monday's appointment.  (It's going to be a looong weekend!!)

Weight Gain: 28 pounds

Sleep:  I've been trying to get as much sleep as possible, which is easier said than done.  The added stress from all these doctor appointments hasn't really helped matters...

Best Moment This Week:  Hearing Jackson's hiccups during the NST and getting to see his cute little face during the BPP.  (I also got my first pedicure in almost a year, which was pretty amazing!)

Worst Moment This Week:  Finding out that the doctors are concerned about Jackson's development.  I have never felt more helpless and worried in my life (welcome to motherhood, right?).  I have so many questions right now as to what is going on and what I can do to make it better.  Unfortunately, it seems like it's going to be a "wait and see" kind-of situation.  In the meantime, I am doing my best to stay calm and positive (I don't want Jackson to sense my distress)!

Appetite/Cravings:  Increased stress and hormones have really killed my appetite, but I've been trying to eat a lot in hopes that Jackson will put on some weight.  I finally caved in and bought some girl scout cookies (lemon chalet cremes and samoas)- that should do the trick! 

Milestones:  Even though my due date is still 3 weeks away, Jackson is now considered full term!!  This means that most babies are mature enough to fully adjust to life outside of the womb... great news given the fact that he might need to come out early!

Pregnancy Thoughts:  I'm trying to enjoy every moment of being pregnant since we could have an "outside" baby any day now...


  1. Wish you well Erica in the final days! Our human bodies are amazing and I'm sure Jackson will come out kickin'and ready for the world!

  2. Have your bags packed & with you for that appt on Monday. We made the mistake of thinking they'd send us home before induction, wrong!! It's funny now :) I was 36wks, 6 days when I got induced - so we could be close in timeline. Also, they had thought Connor was 8-10lbs, but he was 6lb, 9oz. So those measurements can be way off (hopefully in your favor he'll be a little bigger - but not too big). ;) One BIG plus side, you'll get to see Jackson again on u/s & with nicer images! Not all mama's get that :) Keep us posted & enjoy what could be your final weekend just the two of you!

  3. My heart goes out to you and Jackson. It is amazing what doctors know and can do these days to keep babies healthy. Will be thinking of you!

  4. Thanks for the support guys!

    Sounds like I better finish packing my bag- I totally assumed we'd be able to go home first, too. Very good to know! : )