Sunday, September 8, 2013


Weight: 32.5 pounds
Height: 38.75 inches

And just like that summer is over... You have grown up so much over the past few months, it makes my heart hurt. I miss my baby Jax, but I love the spunky and sweet little boy you are becoming.
Summer always seems to go by way too fast, but this summer was a complete blur! We went on a quick little trip to Duluth with Grammy & Papa and Nicole & Tim at the beginning of the summer. You loved chasing seagulls in Canal Park and jumping in puddles on the pier. A bike ride along the shore of Lake Superior was another highlight.
Your favorite afternoon activity this summer has been running through the sprinkler in our backyard. As soon as you get up from your nap, you're out the backdoor asking me to turn the water on. You often end up chasing me around the yard with the water, but how can I resist when it makes you this happy?
We celebrated daddy's birthday and Grammy's big 60th birthday this summer, too.
We spent the last week of August in a cabin up North (which you quickly dubbed "my little house"). Many thanks, to the dear Hennigar family, for inviting us up to their resort. It was the perfect way to end the summer! You spent your days swimming,
going on boat rides and paddle-board rides, fishing,
catching crayfish,
playing fetch with random dogs on the beach,
hanging out with your bud Christopher,
 and what would vacation be without a little relaxing? You were in heaven!
You also got to meet Paul Bunyan. (At the rate you're growing, I think you may be as tall as him some day).
Another day, we went on a bike ride in Itasca State Park and stopped at the Mississippi Headwaters.
It was a really hot day, so we couldn't really blame you for jumping into the water (in all of your clothes).
After all that swimming, you took a little nap in the Burley while we biked (up hills in 90 degree weather) to lunch.
It truly was a getaway- we had no tvs and very spotty internet and cell service. It was wonderful! (Although, I really missed having air-conditioning). I have to admit that we did bring our laptop and you and Chris enjoyed a few movies throughout the week. During one of these movie sessions, you came out of your room and announced, "My eat little rock. In tummy now." I stopped mid sentence and asked you to repeat what you said (I wanted to make sure that I had just heard what I thought I heard). I had. We weren't quite sure what to think. You had been collecting rocks in your pockets all week, so it was very possible that there was a rock in your room. You were also eating a trail mix with peanuts and almonds, so maybe you thought those looked like rocks. When Christopher's daddy went in the room he held up a rock and said, "Eat it." So, he may have fed you a rock. Or maybe you were just playing a joke on us. We decided to go with the last option and to just keep a close eye on you. Luckily, we were going home the next day so we would be close to your doctor if we decided it was necessary.

Everything seemed to be moving smoothly and you were your normal self the following week. We didn't think much of it until, exactly one week after the rock incident, you said (while wincing), "Tummy hurt. Cut rocks out now." You then handed me your toy saw with a very serious look on your face. I panicked envisioning a rock stuck somewhere in your intestines. Daddy walked in the door right around this time (thankfully) and we headed to urgent care. The nurses and doctors seemed quite concerned with our story and I felt like the worst mom ever for not bringing you in sooner. (Every time someone came into the room I was afraid it was going to be child protective services). Three hours later, after an exam (where you pointed out to the doctor where you thought the two rocks were) and a chest and an abdomen x-ray, you were diagnosed with...CONSTIPATION. Thank goodness that is all that it was, but seriously kid?!?!

Earlier this week you had a run in with the sidewalk (after toppling out of your stroller and landing square on your nose)...
I think the sidewalk won. I'm just glad you didn't break your cute little nose.

About a month ago you had your last day with teacher Celeste at the community center. She is such a wonderful teacher and we will miss her!
In just a few days you start preschool (how is that possible) at Berry Patch. At least it's just two mornings a week! You were a little apprehensive at the orientation (which was shocking). Once you found the box of musical instruments and the play grill in your classroom you warmed up immediately. When I left for the parent orientation part you hardly looked my way and you're excited to go to your new school next week.

I'm looking forward to what this year brings!
I love you, sweetheart!

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