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Weight: 34.5 pounds
Height: 39.5 inches
Shoes: 9.5/10
It's hard to believe that Fall is over and Christmas is just around the corner! I started posts about your first day of school and Halloween, but never finished them, which is a testament to how crazy the past few months have been. I guess I will just jam it all into one giant post!
Your first preschool experience is going really well! The picture above is on your first day (I know you don't look very happy, but I think you were just tired after all the excitement... Well, that and the fact that you really don't appreciate posing for pictures). Most days you can't wait to go to school and you love telling me all about your day afterwards. Daddy and I met with both of your teachers last week for your first conference. It was wonderful to hear that you are well liked, always smiling, patient, and polite. Your fine and gross motor skills are awesome. They said you are pretty quiet and they've been working to get you to talk more. This came as a shock to daddy and I because you never stop talking at home. Although, overall you seem to be quite outgoing, I think you're shy around new people and in new experiences. They said that's pretty normal and that you've opened up more recently, now that you're more used to things. You especially like to listen to stories (and can even answer questions about what you think is going to happen next in the story). You also enjoy playing with the doctor kit, cars, magnets, painting, music class, and gym time. They said there isn't an inch of the classroom that you haven't explored.

About a month ago, you started class with teacher Celeste again, one morning a week. Mommy had a lot going on this Fall and needed a little extra time (partly to work on my new photography business). Plus, every time we drove past your "old school" you would beg to go inside. You were really excited to see Celeste again and your friends Christopher and Braden are in your class. (Notice that I'm trying to make myself feel better about adding that third day. Mommy guilt). You tell me that you really like both schools, and your response when I ask you how your day was is always "great!"

We also signed you up for soccer this Fall, even though I knew that it would be total chaos... The first few weeks went okay, you at least sort-of participated and seemed to enjoy the different drills and learning about soccer.
By the third or fourth week, however, you were over it. You'd participate for about 5 minutes of the 30 minute lesson and daddy and I would spend the rest of the time chasing you around and trying to bribe you to join your teammates. By the last couple of weeks we gave up. Maybe soccer just isn't your thing... You keep talking about hockey now, so we might have to try that next (but not for another year, at least).

We continued our Fall tradition of going to Minnetonka Orchards this year. We went on a dreary, rainy day which ended up being a good thing because it wasn't very busy.
Since you are such a big boy now, you were able to participate in some new things this year. You went on a tractor and a train ride. (That's you in the airplane in the very back).
You had a blast visiting the petting zoo and climbing up a huge pile of hay.
I think your favorite part, though, were the apple donuts and hot apple cider.
About a week later you helped us pick out pumpkins...
...and carve them. Yours is the little one- you wanted a "spooky" face.
You chose your Halloween costume again this year. Curious George is still your hero and this year's costume was also based on George. One of your favorite episodes is when George goes to outer-space in a rocket ship. Naturally, you were an astronaut. I couldn't find an astronaut costume in any stores, so you helped me pick one out on-line. Everyday you asked if your costume was coming today and the day we saw it sitting on the steps you could hardly contain your excitement. You tore open the package and then peeked back in the box with a disappointed look on your face and asked me, "Where's my rocket ship, Mommy?" Apparently, you thought you were actually going to get to travel to the moon.
As a consolation, I found a park in Minneapolis that has a pretend rocket ship. It was deemed unsafe for kids to climb in, though, so you only got to look at it (which was also a pretty big disappointment).
The week before Halloween you got to be a part of a parade at school and we went to the 50th & France Pumpkin Festival.
Thankfully, once Halloween came around you had forgotten about the rocket ship and couldn't wait to go out trick-or-treating. We covered several blocks this year (which was a big improvement from about 5 houses last year). We even surprised Grammy and Papa and stopped at their house for a little trick-or-treating.

Other fun activities have included playing in the leaves,
 visiting Sea Life aquarium,
and your first experience in a movie theater (which was a bit of a disaster). Thankfully, we went on Toddler Tuesday so it was a theater full of kids under 5 (and their very understanding parents). You only sat in your seat for the first few minutes. Then, your popcorn spilled and you started eating it off of the disgusting movie theater floor. Then, you were peeking at the screen right right between the two seats in front of us (in which a mom and her daughter were sitting). Luckily, it was only a 30 minute show and not a whole movie! You keep asking to go back to the movie theater and we've reviewed the rules several times (1. stay in your seat 2. be quiet 3. don't eat popcorn -or anything- off of the floor) so we may try again soon, especially since it has been FREEZING and there are only so many things to do in the dead of winter... Meanwhile, you've been watching movies in forts in the comfort of our own basement.
You've also had the pleasure of having lots of sleepovers at grammy and papas house. I think you have slept over just about every other weekend for the past few months. Daddy and I enjoy having a little alone time and you absolutely LOVE spending time with them. It's a win-win! (And I'm pretty sure grammy and papa enjoy your company, too). You spend your days rough housing with papa and playing with whatever new toys he has bought you that weekend (you guys are two peas in a pod), cuddling with grammy, watching movies (like The Wizard of Oz, which you now quote "I'll get you my pretty! Eeee-hee-hee-hee!"), eating gummy worms, and making pancakes and bacon in the morning. When Daddy and I come to pick you up you cannot hide your disappointment, which ranges from an "Ugh. Mom!" to hysterical crying and a full blown tantrum. You even told Grammy that you wanted to stay over there for "a really long time." We are so lucky to have them be such a big part of your life. I know those are memories you will always cherish.
The day after Thanksgiving we started Christmas preparations by getting out all of the decorations and the Christmas tree. You were so excited and really enjoyed helping hang the ornaments on the tree. You even remembered making a little handprint ornament with your friend Christopher last year. After your nap that day, Buddy (our elf) made his return from the North Pole.
He wrote you a note reintroducing himself and telling you what a good boy you've been (mostly). He said he'll be watching to make sure that you listen to mommy and daddy, go to bed like a good boy, and be nice to KG. At first you weren't convinced that Buddy was real because he couldn't talk. We had to read the book again, which explains that Santa has ordered Buddy NOT to talk. Once you realized that he's real you immediately asked "When he go back to North Pole?" The pressure of being a good boy all the time was already getting to you!
That weekend we also decorated the outside of our house. You helped daddy hang the lights (by holding the ladder). You kept saying, "Be careful daddy!" It was so sweet!
This past weekend you got to meet Santa yourself. You marched right up to him and climbed onto his lap. You guys had a little chat and later you told me that you asked for your own camera so that you can take pictures with me. I am so proud! (And I think it's safe to say that you will be getting what you asked for!)
You are growing like a weed!! So much so, that most of the clothes and shoes I bought for you at the beginning of the school year are too small. People are always shocked when the hear you are only 2 because you are the size of a 4 year old. Your new batch of clothes are 4T! Hopefully, they'll last through the winter!
The coolest thing that has happened with you over the past few months, though, has been your ability to express your self and tell us your feelings. You talk all of the time (except at school, I guess) and it is so cool to hear what's going on in your brilliant little mind. You are always trying to figure out how things work and love taking things apart and trying to put them back together. You are also a little clown and love to make daddy and I laugh. My favorite part of your personality, by far, is your sweet side. You stroke my cheek and say "I really like you, honey." (You refer to me as "honey" or "honeypie" most of the time). You give the biggest hugs and kisses. Today, on the way home from school you said, "Mommy, you're the sweetest." Melt. My. Heart. Daddy and I are so lucky! We love you!
Happy 2 years, 9 months, Jaxy!

Love,  Mom

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