Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Festivities

This was the first year that Jackson actually got excited about Easter. It all started when we visited the Easter Bunny at the mall a few weeks ago. Jackson isn't a very cautious kid, but we weren't quite sure what he'd think of a human sized rabbit. Let's face it, they can be pretty creepy. If you don't believe me check this out. Thankfully, our bunny was pretty normal looking in comparison and Jackson absolutely LOVED him. He snuggled right in and went back for several hugs. (I'm not sure why he looks a little apprehensive in the picture).
Jackson talked about the Easter Bunny every day after that. Next year we won't go quite so early because the anticipation was almost too much for him to handle! The day before Easter Jackson dyed eggs for the first time. We had so much fun!
That evening we had a delicious Easter dinner at Grandma Hacker's. The next morning Jackson was up bright and early and was thrilled to find his two baskets on the dining room table.
We had a mini-Easter egg hunt around our house and then headed to my side of the family to celebrate after Jackson's nap. He had a great time running around and exploring every nook and cranny of my aunt's house. Even under the table cloth...
It was pretty cold out, but he was able to burn off a little energy outside.
I even got him to sit still, for a very brief moment, so I could get a picture (a smile was way too much to ask).
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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