Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Has Finally Sprung!

Last Spring we were spoiled with record high temperatures, which has made it that much harder to stomach the FOUR April snowstorms we've had this year. Nevertheless, I think it's safe to say that Spring is here for good. (At least it better be or I'm packing my bags). Over the course of the week we have gone from a winter wonderland to green(ish) grass and birds chirping. What a difference a few days makes... This was Jackson on Tuesday, posing at the park, after our most recent dousing of snow.
Here he is this morning, just 3 days later, in the same spot! That's Minnesota weather for you.
Today, we've had our first taste of 60 degree weather since November. Oh, how I've missed the feeling of warm sun on my skin! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and can get outside to enjoy the 70+ degree weather we're supposed to have. I can hardly contain my excitement!!

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