Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Curious George Party

This year we had a Curious George themed birthday party for Jackson's 2nd birthday, which I'm sure came as no surprise to those that know him. The party was much smaller than last year (I learned the hard way that our house cannot handle 40 people), but was equally as fun!


I made a simple garland, like last year, and hung some of my favorite pictures of Jackson from this year. I also made the yellow, red, and blue circle garland that is hanging from the ceiling (which was inspired by this blog). The wooden "2" was purchased at JoAnn Fabrics for a couple dollars- I just painted it to match the party colors and taped it to a frame that we moved from Jackson's room to the dining room for the party. Finally, I added some fresh flowers and colorful candies to the table. Easy!

The cake was made by the very, talented Katrina from Nicely Baked. She was in ECFE with Jackson and I and just started her own business. The cake really brought everything together. It was so cute I didn't want to cut it (but I'm glad that we did because it was also delicious)!

We kept the menu really simple this year, too. Here is what we served:
We also had some veggies and chips and dip. Of course, we had the cake for dessert (which was marble with buttercream frosting).


Thanks to everyone that came to help us celebrate Jackson's birthday!!

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  1. Jackson is one lucky boy - he has such a wonderful family. Love the cake!