Saturday, May 7, 2011

2 Months!

My dear Jackson, you are now 2 months old!  Your daddy and I feel so lucky that we were blessed with such a sweet little baby.  You really have been easy on us.  The biggest change we've seen over the past month has been SLEEP!  For the past month or so you've been consistently sleeping from about 10pm to 4am.  Mommy and Daddy are very excited to be getting 6 hour stretches of sleep most nights.  Every once in a while you'll even sleep for 7 or 8 hours (the first time this happened I felt like a new woman)!  How did we get so lucky?!

You continue to grow like a weed.  You have your 2 month check-up on Monday, so we'll get the official word on your measurements then, but according to our estimates you now weigh about 11.5 pounds and are 22 inches long!  You've also started to grow out of some of your newborn clothes.  Mommy got a little (okay a lot) choked up when she put away the clothes that are too small for you now...

Over the past week or so you have really started to smile (not just gas pains, but actual smiles)!!  You are especially smiley after a nap or after you've eaten (aren't we all).  You also love to smile at yourself in the mirror above your swing.  Here are a few of your many varieties of smile...

the semi-smile:

the smirk:

and (my favorite) the mega-watt smile:

We started a new mama class at Amma Maternity a few weeks ago.  There are 8 other new moms in our class, all with babies 8 weeks or younger.  I think you enjoy the class as much as I do because you are the only boy!  You have made a very good impression on all the little girls in the class (except for your noisy toots and belches).  I would highly recommend this to any first time mommy!  It's a wonderfully supportive environment and I have learned all sorts of tips from how to increase my "flow" (herbs, breast massage, and a hand free bustier if you must know), to soothing a cranky baby, to increasing sleep, etc... 

In hopes of increasing your tolerance for tummy time, we bought you an activity mat with all sorts of bells and whistles...  You love it, but unfortunately only when you're lying on your back....  Oh, well mommy doesn't mind if she always has to carry you around : )

This month has brought many more "firsts."  You had your first two babysitters.  Grandma Hacker came to our house and watched you while daddy and I went to Bar La Grassa for my birthday.  It was hard for us to leave you, but we knew you were in great hands.  Then, just a couple of days ago, we brought you to Grandma White's house and daddy and I went out to dinner at the Nicollet Island Inn.  We were having so much fun that, after dinner, we called grandma to see if we could go have a night cap.  She told us that you were being just an angel and that we didn't ever have to come home...  You also had your very first Easter.  The Easter bunny brought you a Peter Rabbit book, a little wind-up ducky, and (best of all) sparkly bunny ears!!  (Although, from the looks of it, you did not appreciate this gift as much as I did...)

Last, but not least, I officially resigned from my job so that I can focus on the most important job of all- raising you!

Happy two months peanut!
Love, Mom


  1. Congratulations on not going back to work Erica, that is so great! How lucky to be able to spend time at home with your adorable little man!

  2. Congrats on making the big decision to stay home! You're going to love it! Happy 2 months Jackson :)