Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Month!

Where has the time gone?  One month ago our lives were forever changed.  You are just perfect and sweeter than we could have ever imagined.  You hardly ever cry...  just a little bit to tell us that you're hungry, or tired, or need to be changed.  You didn't even cry when we were in the hospital and the nurses had to prick your little heels over and over again.  You are also a good sleeper (in fact, you hardly even opened your eyes your first 2 weeks home).  Most nights you go about about 4 hours between feedings, which gives mommy and daddy some much needed rest...

You are growing like a weed!  You haven't had a recent doctor appointment, but according to mommy and daddy's rough measurements you are now around 8 pounds and 20 inches long.  Your newborn clothes finally fit you.  Some are even verging on a little snug!

This is you on your way home from the hospital:

And this is you on your way to dinner at Mancini's just a few days shy of 1 month old:

What a difference a month makes!  You look like a little man now!

You were born with a full head of black hair, but it's getting lighter...  It's light brown now.  We think you have mommy's (natural) color hair.  Your eyes also seem to be getting bluer.  We thought that you would have hazel eyes, but you may end up with blue eyes like your grandpa Hacker and grandpa White.  We were having a hard time deciding who you look like until we saw pictures of your daddy when he was a baby...

Your daddy when he was about your age:
and you...  (Can you see the resemblance?)

Many of your days this first month have been spent meeting your extended family members (including all 4 of your great-grandmas) and lots of mommy and daddy's friends.  They all comment on what a good baby you are and, of course, on how cute you are.  You usually sleep peacefully through these visits, as much as grandma tries to get you to wake up.

This is you and your friend Christopher "playing" in your crib:
It may not look like it now, but his mom and I think that you guys are going to be great friends!

You love to cuddle, which is wonderful because so do I.  We spend hours every day snuggling.  I just love watching you, listening to all of your little grunts and squeaks, and touching your soft skin.  Often, when you're cuddled up to me, you stroke the back of my hand or my chest with your little fingers.  It almost seems as though you are comforting me as much as I am comforting you.  You also have developed quite the grip and love holding onto fingers, clothing, and hair, and you've even started to (try to) hold your bottle.

You love to be read to.  You open your eyes and act like you're following along.  You also love your swing, listening to music (especially Citizen Cope), and riding in the car.  The only thing you don't seem to like is tummy time (at least not yet).

This month has been full of many firsts.  Your first bath.  Your first walk around Lake Harriet and your first walk around our neighborhood with KG (he loved showing you off to our neighbors).  Your first trips to Target, Caribou, Lunds and Bruegger's.  Your first Hacker family dinner at Mancini's.  Your first family dinner at grandma & grandpa White's (grandpa can't wait until you can actually eat his cooking).  Although mommy and daddy have done these things a million times, it was like our first time again.  We've had to learn how to do all of these things with you (and all of the gear that comes along with you)!  Let me tell you, this is no easy feat, but you've opened a whole new, wonderful world to us and we love it (and you)!

Happy one month peanut!
Love, Mom

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