Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Monthly Challenge- Mobile Phone Photography

I take lots of pictures with my iphone, but I took even more than usual this month because my "go to" lens was off in Texas getting fixed. (I won't get in to the major separation anxiety this caused). Mobile phone photography is great for capturing those everyday moments when you don't have your "big girl" camera with you (for whatever reason). Let's be honest, there are many times that I just don't feel like lugging it with me or am afraid for my precious camera's safety.

Like when I'm at a splash pad with water squirting everywhere,
or at the park with a bunch of toddlers...
or at a concert...
It also offers an opportunity to get snapshots of ME with my little guy.
Mobile phone photography is also awesome for its ability to quickly share shots (of your toddler's festive 4th of July accessories) with family and friends.
As you can see, these are definitely not works of art or even close to being technically perfect, but that's the beauty of iphonography. I can take snapshots of my everyday life without worrying about things like proper white balance, exposure, and composition. Moments that wouldn't otherwise be captured.

Thanks for looking! Next, head over to Angie's page to see what she has in store for us. Then check out the other ladies in our circle: Caristy, Gina, Megan, Rebecca, and Ana.


  1. Oh...that splash pad looks amazing! I love all your pictures. I love pictures where you can be in the picture and I haven't figured out how to do that consistently with my "big girl" camera. Did you get your lens back yet? I hope that it came back in amazing shape! :-) Thanks for sharing your adorable pictures!

    1. Thanks, Caristy! I got my lens back about a week ago. It's as good as new- woohoo!

  2. Adorable! Those photos of you with your son are just priceless.

  3. Love what you said about "moments that wouldn't otherwise be captured" and the "beauty of iphonography." That picture of you and your son with the back lighting is too cute! That's why I love having my iphone with me all the time! Are you on Instagram?

  4. There is definitely a time and place to leave the camera behind. You have a beautiful little boy :)

  5. I love seeing your photos from this month! It's fun to capture moments without worrying about technicalities