Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Monthly Challenge- Shallow Depth of Field

This month's challenge wasn't too much of a stretch for me because I often shoot with a shallow depth of field. (Which is sometimes to my detriment because I tend to err on the side of too shallow, which can leave important details fuzzy). However, I just love the softness and pretty bokeh that's created when shooting this way. Here are some of my recent favorites!

Thanks for looking! Next, head over to Angie's page to see her interpretation of the theme. Then check out the other ladies in our circle: Caristy, Angela, Gina, Anne-Lise, Courtney, Megan, Rebecca, Muriel, Sarah, and Ana.


  1. I love the shallow depth of field with nature shots. The flowers are beautiful.

  2. Erica, these photos are lovely! I love all of the colors. They really scream summer to me. The second is my favorite I love the rich colors and the bokeh

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Nice job getting that bug in focus. They move so quickly, I know how hard that must have been :)

  4. Oh these flowers are so pretty! I love having a shallow depth of field with flowers they are so pretty! I love the blade of "grass" picture. It was so pretty and just reminds me of my former life living out in the country.

  5. I love the bug photo. I'm always amazed by the complexity of nature which is why I love macro photography. Your post this week is really great!