Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease with a Side of Yeast

We've had some fun times at our house over the past couple of days! The fun started on Saturday when Jax came down with a fever. He'd had a little cough for a couple days, but nothing we were too worried about. We gave him some ibruprofen and put him to bed... He didn't sleep well that night and was up bright and early Sunday morning. I fed him a bottle and put him down for a nap at 8am. Two hours later, John and I started to worry because our cat napper was still sleeping! When he finally awoke, he was burning up. We took his temp and it was 103! We had planned for a day at the beach, but packed up for a trip to urgent care instead...

Jax didn't have an ear infection or strep throat, even though they said his throat was really red. They gave him a dose of tylenol and told us they would come back to check on him in a half hour. (They didn't want us to leave until his fever came down). You would think that Jax would be content just resting on our laps, since he was so sick, but that was not the case! Jackson was on a mission to explore every germy nook and cranny of our room. He wanted to press every button and pull every cord he could find. He was especially fascinated by the stir-ups on the bed... It wasn't long before he started screaming out of frustration because we wouldn't let him hack into their computer system. They returned shortly after the screaming commenced (a coincidence? ...I think not). Yay! His fever had come down to 101 and we were dismissed with instructions to keep his fever down.

It was a long day and night and Jax's fever was back up to 103 on Monday morning. We called the nurse line and they said to just keep treating the fever and not to worry unless it got above 105... I didn't really like that answer because I felt like there was something else going on, but Jackson's 15 month appointment was scheduled for the next day, so I figured we could make it until then. We made it through the day, but just barely. Poor little Jax was cranky and tired and obviously uncomfortable. I was not on my A-game from lack of sleep. My plan was to take a nap when he did (which never works, but I was desperate). Well, Mr. Jax had other plans... After trying all morning to get him down for a nap, while he grew increasingly irritable, I gave up and started caffeinating. By 1:00 Jackson was a complete basketcase and I was ready to try again. This time I decided we would go for a drive. After a 10 minute tantrum in the driveway, I successfully got him buckled into his car seat and we were off! Typically, Jax is content riding in the car, but not today. He screamed bloody murder for a good 15 minutes, while I debated what to do. I was about to drive to the ER, because I was convinced there was something terribly wrong, when he conked out. Hallelujah! I brought my ipad and had dreams of parking by the lake and finishing 50 Shades Freed. This did not happen because everytime I so much as slowed down, Jax would start moaning. So I drove. In circles around the lakes. For over two hours. Although it was not an ideal situation (or environmentally friendly) I was relieved that my little guy finally got a decent nap.

When we got home from our tour, I changed Jackson's diaper and saw that he had a horrible rash. He'd been dealing with a little diaper rash over the past few days, but this was much worse... Plus, I noticed that he had little bumps on his legs and hands and even on his face and ears. I grew even more worried when we tried to feed him dinner. All attempts at feeding him anything other than milk had failed miserably over the past couple days. John was determined to get him to eat and made a batch of macaroni and cheese (Jackson's favorite). He fed Jax exactly two noodles before he threw up... Lovely!

After that, Jax curled up next to me on the couch and passed out. If you know my child, you know that this is highly unusual behavior...
Surprisingly, Jackson had a much better night of sleep and his fever was gone in the morning. His rash, on the other hand, looked even worse. His appointment was at 7:15am. Normally, we're all up-and-at-em by then, but of course Jax decided to sleep in this morning... I gently woke him up, as late as I possibly could, and he was furious. Let's just say that it was not a smooth appointment. Since it was so early, John was able to come with. Normally, Jackson hardly sheds a tear when he gets his shots, but today just lying on the scale sent him into a tail spin. I needed all of the reinforcements I could get. John wrangled Jackson, while I talked to the doctor. Then I held pinned Jax down while the doctor did the exam. (By the end of the exam, my shirt had somehow come entirely unbuttoned! You'd think clothes from Hot Mama would be toddler friendly, but I guess not...)  Thankfully, it didn't take long for her to figure out what was wrong. She said the back of his throat was covered in sores. That, coupled with his rash and high fever, led to a diagnosis of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Fortunately, she thought he was probably over the worst of it. Unfortunately, it's highly contagious and there's really no treatment for it. Now John and I are crossing our fingers that we don't get it! Next, she took a look at his diaper rash. Turns out it's a yeast infection- ugh! She wrote up a prescription for Poop Goop (yes, that's really its name) and we were on our way.

Jackson and I just got home from a hellish trip to Target to pick up said Poop Goop. I headed over to the pharmacy first, only to find that Poop Goop is a highly scientific mixture of ingredients that takes over two hours to make and that it's not covered by insurance. They hadn't started making it because they first needed confirmation that I was willing to pay $30 for it. Ummmm... YES!! I want to cry just looking at my child's butt- I'd be willing to do just about anything to make it better.

I then foolishly decided to quickly grab some diapers, milk, and paper towels (only the bare necessities since shopping with Jackson is like shopping with a ticking time bomb). All was well and good until his bottle ran out and he started screaming and climbing out of the cart (the seat belts are worthless). I pulled him out and carried him (kicking and screaming) to the check out counter. Pushing a cart with one hand, while carrying a kicking and screaming toddler in the other, is no easy feat! It's especially annoying when you're met with evil stares throughout the store. A very sweet lady must have seen the look of desperation in my eyes because she helped me unload the cart and tried to distract Jackson while we checked out (without our Poop Goop). I have to go back in a couple hours and do it all over again. Lord help me.


  1. This sounds horribly familar! Poor Jax! Poor mommy!

  2. Hi,just started reading your blog and remember this all too well. My daughter had it when she was a little over two! It was awful and she wouldn't eat for weeks because of the sores in her mouth. Hope Jackson is feeling better soon!

    1. Welcome! Thank you! He's almost back to his normal self, thank goodness. The not eating part is scary. Poor kiddos!