Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Helmet Graduation!

Jackson's helmet and head mold now serve as a "unique" (and expensive) accent on his dresser.
After 5 months, Jackson is finally done with his helmet! I am so, so happy!! And so is Jackson! In the last couple of weeks, he seemed to be getting pretty sick of it and even figured out how to unvelcro the strap (he probably would have figured out how to take it off before too long). Best of all, his measurements all ended up in the normal range! Woo hoo!! Here's a before and after look at his noggin'.
I guess it's kind of hard to see the difference with all of Jackson's hair, but this printout from the orthotist clearly shows the progress Jackson made. The inner (somewhat lopsided) circle is what his head looked like before the helmet and the outer circle is what it looks like today.
Isn't that amazing?! The whole process was easier than I imagined at the beginning, mostly because Jackson adjusted to it so well. That being said, I am still over the moon that we can put this "stage" behind us. No more daily helmet washing and no more fear of getting a black eye or tooth knocked out from a blast to the face with it. I am also looking forward to kissing that sweet little head whenever I want (and without it smelling like a dirty sock). I'm also relieved that we won't be met with stares and sad faces and from strangers wherever we go. Although, it was somewhat amusing to hear what people assumed the helmet was for:
  • "Oh, did he crack his skull?"
  • "Did he have brain surgery?"
  • "Did you guys ride your bike here?" (ummm... no it's the middle of winter...)
  • "Does he have epilepsy?"
After several questions like these I began to understand why people would look at Jax and I with such pity. I also became increasingly thankful that the helmet was not for any of those reasons- it definitely put things in perspective. Some of my favorite comments were from kids. Many of them were curious and would ask me (or their parents) why "that baby" was wearing a helmet. Even more of them were jealous and would say things like-"look at his cool helmet!" or "I want a helmet like that!" While cruising around Uptown one evening, a young woman approached us and told us how she had to wear a helmet when she was a baby and proceeded to show us how round her head is now. (Although, she said her dad still calls her "block head"). She said that he'd thank us one day. I also appreciated all the mothers and grandmas that would stop me and tell the stories of their kids or grandkids that had to wear helmets. They would all reassure me that we made the right choice and that it made a huge difference for their loved one... You've got to love the camaraderie of mothers! Especially when articles like these were coming out in the midst of everything. All in all, I am definitely happy that we decided to put him in a helmet and am very pleased with the results! Bring on the cute winter hats!!

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