Tuesday, February 7, 2012

11 Months!

How is it possible that we will be celebrating your first birthday a month from now?! Everyone has been commenting about how big you are getting and how much older you look. In fact, you had quite a growth spurt this month. You were 22.8 pounds when they weighed you at the doctor last week!! That's almost 3 pounds more than last month! You've also grown about an inch- you're around 31 inches (it's very hard to accurately measure a squirmy baby). Please, slow down my sweet little man!
It has been a quiet month- partly from that mid-winter, post-holiday limbo and partly because you've been sick practically all month. A cold, turned into a nasty cough, which lead to a high fever, and double ear infection.
After several calls to the nurse line and a couple trips to the doctor, you were put on your first round of antibiotics. Unfortunately, the antibiotics caused you to get an "upset tummy" which caused your first diaper rash. Your firsts this month weren't as fun as your firsts last month... You just had your final dose of medicine last night and I think you're almost back to your old self!
Despite not feeling your best this month, you continued to refine your crawling and cruising skills. You're not yet walking on your own, but can get around very effectively with the aid of various pieces of furniture and the walls. You also figured out how to climb up the basement stairs! It's amazing how quickly you can get up them. You are constantly busy exploring your surroundings, so daddy and I have been busy baby-proofing. However, along the way, we have learned that "baby-proof" doesn't necessarily mean "Jax-proof." For example, in anticipation of you getting your helmet off, I decided to put some corner cushions on the sharp edges of our coffee table. I knew that if you saw me put them on, you would immediately try to get them off so I waited until you were napping (aren't I sneaky?). After your nap we went downstairs to play and, as soon as you pulled yourself up on the table, you noticed the new addition. (They are clear and don't stand out very much at all, so I was shocked!) You picked and prodded at it until you figured out how to get it off. Then, you proceeded to walk around the table pulling each one off along the way. I guess you get the last laugh...

Other new skills include:
sticking out your tongue (Grandma White taught you that...)
and drinking from a straw.
I thought that your teething had slowed down this month, but then I noticed a little white peak sticking out on the lower right, in the back. It looks like you already have a molar coming in! Lord help us! Maybe that explains why you started chewing on your crib rails like a little beaver! At least the rail guards I installed have proven to be Jax-proof (so far).
KG continues to be your greatest source of amusement. You are constantly pulling his hair, poking him in various places, tackling him, and taking his toys away. His patience with you has amazed us! Maybe it's because you also play fetch with him and feed him your treats...
Other highlights from the past month include:
A trip to the MN Zoo with Grandma White and Aunt Nicole.
Another reunion with our friends from "New Mamas."
Dinner at Rice Paper (you had the Soupe Tonkinoise- Vietnamese chicken noodle soup).
Amazingly, it has even been warm enough to squeeze in a few walks around Lake of the Isles!

I have also been busy planning the details of your first birthday party and cannot wait to celebrate that milestone with you!

Happy eleven months, peanut!

Love, Mom

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