Monday, February 9, 2015

And Then We Snapped | Weeks 5-6

January 25 - February 7, 2015

Eeeesh, only a month into the new year and I've already let my posting (and shooting) slip. Bear with me while I play catch up...

27|365: The day Jackson played a "prank" on me by dumping a bottle of baby powder all over the bathroom. Hilarious.

28|365: Isabelle's first bath without the newborn hammock. I think she was a little nervous.

29|365: Face painting at the Children's Museum.

31|365: Waiting his turn at swimming lessons.

32|365: Exhausted after a long day of birthday and super bowl parties...


34|365: Someone was excited for a fresh dusting of snow!

37|365: This one is going to be crawling in no time!

Thanks for looking! Next, be sure to follow the circle to see the gorgeous work of Through My Lens by Jenny! Did I mention that she's in Hawaii?? I always drool over her images (especially when it's the dead of winter here in MN).


  1. omgosh the baby powder!! Beautiful captures Erica!

  2. I look forward to your shares each week! Love the exhausted image.

  3. wow, i genuinely cant choose a favorite this time! i love them all!!! great week!

  4. oh the baby powder!!! so fun to photograph, but no so much to clean up :/ precious week.

    1. So true, Lori! I'm still finding spots that I missed...

  5. Beautiful week! Filled with so much energy and beauty!

  6. Those toddlers give us so many photo opportunities! Beautiful week, loved them all!

  7. Seriously gorgeous images! I love the childrens museum one the face painting there is always fun!

  8. Isabelle is seriously the cutest baby of all time-she is gorgeous! Beautiful week! Great perspectives too!