Monday, December 15, 2014

And Then We Snapped | Weeks 18-19


November 30 - December 13, 2014


So, it seems I can only handle about a bi-weekly post. I think I'm going to go with that for the remainder of this year and then try to step it up in the new year. (There's another one for the resolution list!) Anyway, the past couple of weeks included more practice and play in my mini in-home studio. I got a new gold bokeh backdrop that I had to break in before a client session. It also included a coffee date with my little munchkin (where I got in the frame), a pretty epic fort that Jax built for Izzy, and an impressive act of strength by my mighty 4 month old. Finally, I included a landscape photo of the winter wonderland we woke up to one morning last week. It was stunning!! Unfortunately, I only had about ten minutes to spare that morning, but I'm happy I was able to capture it... If it happens again, I have a whole shoot planned out with the kids! (Please tell me I'm not the only one that does that.)

Next, head over to the extremely talented, Jenny's blog to see what she was up to over her birthday week!


  1. Oh that fort! What a good big brother <3 Gorgeous week Erica!

  2. Standing at four months? Whoa Momma, you better watch out! Amazing images!!

  3. Wow...that last image is stunning. Great week!!

  4. Ummm. so amazing and those kiddos--delicious. so cute! Love all the clean colors!

  5. Oh baby!!! I'm so envious that you have not only a baby to photograph, but such a beautiful one at that! I love the nursery shot and the one of her standing in her cot (and at 4 months old!!!!). And those wintery colours are so beautiful.