Monday, November 24, 2014

4 Months

Height: 25.5 inches (86%ile)
Weight: 15 pounds (70%ile)

My little Izzy, now you are a spunky and sweet 4 month old! I say spunky because you have found your voice and just love to shriek and coo and giggle. Yes, I said giggle!! You have the most amazing little laugh and I work day in and day out to hear it. You continue to amaze us with your strength. One day after you turned 3 months old, you figured out how to roll from your tummy to your back. I had put you on a blanket in your room for a little tummy time and then proceeded to straighten up a little. When I looked back at you, you were on your back. At first I didn't believe that you had actually rolled over- I figured I just forgot to put you on your tummy. I put you back on your tummy and you immediately rolled over again! (You showed me!)

Since I'm a little late in posting this, I feel like I have to add that exactly one month later (one day after you turned 4 months) you rolled from your back to your tummy! Unfortunately, I missed this momentous occasion as well. I knew you were really close and had been watching you like a hawk the day before, determined to see it. The next morning, about 10 minutes after I had left the house for a photo session, I got a text from daddy that you did it! I was so bummed to have missed it, but luckily he got the second one on video, too. You've already practiced putting these moves together in order to roll yourself off your playmat. It's still a lot of work for you, though, so you can't get very far, very fast yet. I'm trying to enjoy these last few months (or weeks at the rate you're going) with only one mobile child because I will surely never be able to sit once you're both on the move.

Other observations about you at 4 months:

You have the most beautiful, big blue eyes I have ever seen! Daddy isn't convinced that they're going to stay blue, but I think they are.

Your hair is starting to get a little bit lighter- it's more of a medium brown now than black. It's also pretty wavy when dry (as you can see from the tuft sticking up in the picture above) and curly when wet.

You are totally obsessed with your feet at the moment. You're constantly holding on to them and attempting to put them in your mouth.

You continue to rock your nighttime sleep- we typically get a stretch from about 9pm-7:30am. Although, I have to admit, you still sleep swaddled in a pack and play in mommy and daddy's room. I know we should probably transition you to your room, but I hate to mess with anything when it's going so well. Naps, on the other hand, we really need to work on. As in getting you to take them. I think part of the reason you sleep so well at night is because you hardly nap AT ALL. You take 20-30 minute cat naps here and there (typically in the car). I got spoiled because the first couple months of your life you could sleep through anything. You usually napped in your swing right in the midst of the chaos that is daily life in our house. Now, all that noise and sunlight keeps you awake, but you totally fight naps upstairs in the dark and quiet of your room. (I think you're afraid you'll miss out on something- just like someone else I know). Your doctor said that daytime sleep should start to get more organized around 6 months, so at least we have something to work towards...

Finally, you celebrated your first pretty major holiday- HALLOWEEN! We love Halloween at our house (in fact mommy and daddy were known to throw a pretty epic Halloween party back in the day). I am pretty sure it is your brother's second favorite holiday (coming in just behind Christmas). We went to a party in downtown Victoria and one at the Arboretum. Jackson dressed up as a fireman and you were his trusty dalmatian side-kick. You two made a pretty adorable pair!
It was pretty cold Halloween night, but we made it a record of 6 blocks (or so) trick-or-treating. Jackson was a trooper! (I think the fact that candy was involved increased his pain threshold). You started the evening bright eyed and bushy tailed...
...but conked out after about two blocks.
Next up, the holidays!!

Happy 4 months, sweetheart!

Love, Mom

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