Sunday, September 21, 2014

2 Months

Height: 23 inches (73%ile)
Weight: 12 lbs, 2 oz (70%ile)

Oh my sweet, sweet Isabelle you are 2 months old now! You are growing so fast! Not only have you completely grown out of your newborn clothes, your 3 month clothes are getting really snug! I especially notice this in onesies which become scoop necks once they're buttoned. After your little blip in growth during your first month, your doctor was very pleased to see how well you're growing now. I was a little worried about the little red mark that developed on your chest over the past 6 weeks or so, too, so I had your doc check it out. She said it's a hemangioma- nothing to worry about and it should go away by the time you're in elementary school. The only negative part of your 2 month appointment was the 3 shots you had to have! (Although, I'm pretty sure it was more traumitizing for daddy, Jax, and I to watch than it was for you. You screamed, but only for a couple minutes).
You're starting to smile a lot and babble! Your favorite thing to say is "aw-coo" which I think sounds a little like my name (Erica)... I am also pretty sure that you can say "hi" (I know this is highly unlikely from a developmental standpoint, but it sure sounds like it)! You're getting even stronger, too! Even your doctor was surprised by how well you can lift your head up.
I am still convinced that you are the easiest baby ever born. (I hate even talking about for fear of jinxing it, but I feel obligated to brag about you here). You have the most laid back disposition and are just so happy. You are also an AMAZING sleeper! For the past few weeks you have been sleeping from about 10-6 every night!!!!!

This month brought your first baby sitters. Grammy White watched you while daddy and I brought Jax to the Minnesota State Fair. I promise we'll bring you next year; I just didn't think you were ready for all of those germs and chaos. Grammy White, Aunty Nicole, and Uncle Tim babysat you and Jax so daddy and I could go to our friend's wedding. (Yes, I believe 3 adults are necessary to handle both you and your brother!) Grammy Ginny babysat you a couple of weeks ago, too, because mommy and daddy both had to work (mommy had a photo session and daddy was working at his cool new gig on the sidelines of the Vikings game). Everyone reported that you were an angel, except you tend to get a little fussy when you have more than 2 bottle feedings in a row...

Speaking of fussy... A couple of weeks ago (when Jax was sleeping over at grammy & papa's) daddy and I had the brilliant idea of taking you out for sushi. One of our favorite restaurants isn't too far from grammy and papa's house, so we thought we'd stop in for a bite after dropping Jax off. On a Saturday night. At 7:00. Yes, we were those people at a hip (very busy) sushi restaurant on a Saturday night with a screaming baby. Everyone around us was very nice and understanding (at least to our faces). They empathized with us as we took turns trying to comfort you as the other one shoved food into their mouth as fast as they could. When it became clear that you were not going to calm down, we decided to get our sushi to go. At least we made it through the appetizers!

All of our Fall activities started this month. Most of them just involve your brother, but you and I have a great little Baby & Me class on Thursday mornings. There are five other moms and their babies in our class. Two others are about your age and the other three are a little older. It's really fun to get some quality one on one time with you and to have a place to ask all of those questions that seem to come up (even when raising your second baby). Of course, all of these activities brought your first sickness. Jax came down with a cold after the first week of preschool. You caught it too, but thankfully you only got a little bit of a stuffy nose!

Thank you for another amazing month!

Happy two months, sweetheart!

Love, Mom

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