Tuesday, August 26, 2014

And Then We Snapped | Week 5

August 17 - 23, 2014

August 17 (29|365): little feet, big feet

August 18 (30|365): baby's breath


August 19 (31|365): a day at the beach (or as my son dubbed it, "the best day ever")

August 20 (32|365):

August 21 (33|365): 1 month old

August 22 (34|365): content

August 23 (35|365): boys will be boys

Now continue the blog circle and see what gorgeous images Melissa has to share!


  1. So, baby in the char yawning is just perfect! She is already over Mommy as her photographer!! Welcome to PCS! Beautiful work Erica. Thank you for giving me baby squish to make me smile!

  2. Every time I go to the beach I say the same thing. Smart boy! Great captures. Loved them all!

  3. Beautiful week! I love that beach blanket shot!

  4. You're little baby is the sweetest!! That babies breath is just the sweetest!!

  5. oooh my gosh your baby on that fabulous colored blanket!! PERFECT. <3 <3 What a lovely week.

  6. I just love seeing your baby!! So sweet! Beautiful pictures.

  7. Eeeekkkk!!! I'm so clucky after looking at your photos! The baby on the beach is my favourite. Oh, and the first one with the feet. Gorgeous set!