Friday, December 7, 2012

21 Months!

Weight: 27 pounds
Height: 35 inches

If I had to choose one word to describe you this month it would be mischievous. You're always up to something! Earlier this month, I chased you across the backyard (barefoot and in my pajamas) after you sneaked out the back door and took off running. Another time, when I was trying to rescue a necklace that you'd taken from me, you pointed up at the ceiling to distract me, then hid it in the bookshelf. I could hardly believe it! I have to admit I was pretty impressed with your higher order thinking skills, however, I fear what kind of pranks you'll be pulling when you're older. Other shenanigans include smuggling a cat toy from your aunt and uncle's house, in your Elmo backpack, and nabbing a block of cheese from the counter and taking a big bite out of it.
I can't forget to mention your trouble making in music class. You're usually a good boy when we go to school, but there's something about music class that brings the devil out in you. Last week you ran around the room screaming (I think it was your version of singing), threw instruments over the gate, into the hallway, and hit a 4.5 year old and made him cry when he tried to take your drum. (His mistake I guess). I think the teacher could sense my distress because she gave me a pep-talk at the end of class. Apparently, this type of behavior is typical for boys your age, especially when they're "movers and a shakers" like you (in her words). I must be out of my mind because I signed us up for another semester... Hopefully, she is right in that "this too shall pass."

I do have to say that although you are often a stinker, you can also be about as sweet as they come. I will never tire of your little voice saying "ma-ma," hearing your silly giggle, and your hugs and kisses make everything okay (which you use to your advantage). I also have to admit that most of your hijinks are pretty hilarious (and harmless). You definitely keep daddy and I entertained.

You are still a "climber" and have enjoyed having a new room to explore. Our new bathroom has two major design flaws. First, you can easily reach my make-up. You've already destroyed one of my eye liners and have experimented with make-up application on more than one occasion.
Second, you can climb into the sink from the toilet. This scares me to death because the marble floor would not make for a very soft landing... Keeping the door shut would normally solve that problem, but you're now tall enough and strong enough to open doors whenever you please (as we realized when you let yourself out the backdoor).
Another one of your favorite activities, which is far less dangerous, is taking a bath. Up until a few weeks ago, we still bathed you in your baby tub (mostly because our old bathtub was so old and gross). Now you get to take a real bath in the big tub! You would stay in all night if we let you!
You've also started to develop your own sense of style. You have a new-found obsession with a hat I bought you a few months ago. You wanted nothing to do with it for a long time, but one afternoon you woke up from your nap screaming "hat!" When I went into your room, you were pointing to the checkered hat hanging from your closet door knob. You put in on and layed back down. For the next couple of days you wouldn't leave home without it and refused to wear any of your winter hats.
We had another reunion with the girls from your very first baby group. It's always so much fun to see how much you've all grown! We went to Edinborough Park where you climbed Adventure Peak (you were in heaven) and played in the gym. We did have a minor incident that involved you tackling and pounding on a much bigger boy that was trying to push you out of the way. I don't think he could believe that you fought back. I quickly grabbed you before it got ugly... Other than that, you had tons of fun! So much so, that I bought a season pass. It will be a great activity this winter (as long as no one tries to mess with you)!
The holiday season is officially upon us. We had two family gatherings on Thanksgiving- one with daddy's side of the family and one with mine. You seemed to enjoy all the hustle and bustle, but had a melt down after we'd been at the second celebration a few hours. It cut our visit a little short, but you still had time to enjoy some turkey and stuffing and even watched the snow falling with pa-pa over your after-dinner drinks.
The morning after Thanksgiving we introduced you to "Buddy" the Elf. He was sent to our house by Santa to make sure you're being a good boy. Each night he reports back to Santa and is hiding in a new spot in the morning. While I don't think you quite understand the concept of behaving (obviously), you LOVE looking for him in the morning. It's a really fun game- you usually look in all the places he's hid in the past and then we give you hints to find his new hiding spot. Once you find him, you shower him with kisses and insist on carrying him around the rest of the day.
Black Friday is also the day we decorate the house and put up the Christmas tree. I was really afraid of what you would do to the Christmas tree this year. I had visions of a fallen tree and smashed ornaments, but surprisingly you've shown a lot of restraint. So far, you've only broken two ornaments!
You're really into Santa this year, as well. Whenever you see anything Santa related you squeal and shout out "ho-ho." We had some family pictures taken and you got to meet him in person. The photographer had an elaborate plan of sneaking Santa in behind you so she'd be able to get some pictures before you saw him, in case you got scared. That turned out to be completely unnecessary- you warmed up to him right away.
We also went to Linden Hill's Reindeer Days where we listened to an old-fashioned barber shop quartette, drank some hot cocoa, saw a couple of Reindeer (Comet & Cupid), and shopped for a few gifts.
I'm looking forward to the upcoming month. I don't think you even know how much fun is in store (I'm pretty sure you don't remember anything from last year's Christmas). Tonight, I think we're going to check out the Hollidazzle parade!

Happy 21 months, peanut!
Love, Mom


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