Wednesday, November 7, 2012

20 Months!

Weight: 26.5 pounds
Height: 34.75 inches

This has been a long and stressful month, kiddo! It started out with daddy being gone for an entire week. Upon his return, he began the arduous task of demolishing our main bathroom. (He had seen this done on many HGTV shows and thought it would be "fun"). He got about a third of the way there before he wisely decided to leave the rest for our contractor. For the past two and a half weeks, it has been absolute chaos in our house- sledge hammers, saws, and drills... The bathroom shares a wall with your bedroom so naps have only existed in the quiet of our car. I'm sure we have toured the entire Twin Cities metro area...twice. Not only has it been noisy, but our entire house is scattered with various building supplies and dislocated items from the bathroom and linen closet. Plus, there is a fine layer of dust over EVERYTHING!! It's enough to drive a person crazy- especially a person who's having to deal with a very sleep deprived toddler (that would be you). You've been very interested in what's going on in the bathroom. Every night you and daddy spend at least 20 minutes looking over what has been done that day...
You also like to help. Here, you are "painting" over the spot we had to fix when you slammed the door into our new sheet rock. I guess it's our fault for not putting in a door stop immediately, oops...
If the bathroom mess wasn't enough, two weekends ago you developed a fever that we couldn't break. We were only able to get it down to 101 by alternating Tylenol and Ibruprofen every three hours. Then, Sunday evening you woke up with huge, angry red welts on your outer thighs and upper arms. We were afraid you were having some kind of allergic reaction so I called the nurse line. The nurse said we had to bring you to the ER. Daddy and I decided to take you to Methodist Hospital, instead of Children's, because it's much closer. This was a huge mistake. You were poked and prodded for over two hours. All of the nurses and doctors were really nice, but they couldn't seem to figure out what was wrong with you. The main doctor said you were too young to have strep, so it must just be a virus. I was told to keep you at home, until the fever broke, and continue giving you fever reducers and lots of liquids. You and I were quarantined to our "house of horror" all day Monday and Tuesday. Despite the fever, you were just as rambunctious as ever. I could only get you to nap if you were laying on top of me.
Thankfully, by Wednesday (Halloween) you had been fever free for 24 hours. We went to our Toddlin' Tykes class and daddy and I took you trick-or-treating that evening. You were your normal self all day Thursday, but when Daddy got you undressed for your bath he noticed a rash over your entire body. This one was red and consisted of tiny bumps that felt like sand paper. It was 7pm so we rushed to Urgent Care before it closed at 8pm. When we were finally able to see the doctor she took one look at the rash and asked if you had been tested for strep when you were at the hospital. I told her what the ER doctor had said and she said that was wrong. Apparently, it's pretty uncommon for kids as little as you to get strep, but it is possible. She immediately ran a strep test, which came back positive. The rash was caused by a toxin produced by the strep infection since had been untreated for so long. At this stage strep is actually called Scarlet Fever. Visions of children dying on the Oregon Trail flashed into my mind- I was horrified. The doctor assured us that it's not a dangerous condition anymore, as long as it's treated with antibiotics. Thank God for modern medicine (and remote control beds to help pass the time)!
The month was rounded out with daylight savings time, which has moved your 6am wake-up time back to 5am. Once our house is restored to normalcy (which will hopefully be very soon) I will be working hard to get you back on a schedule! Ideally, one that involves you waking up when it's light out and includes a nice long afternoon nap. We can all dream!

Despite the madness, there have been some pretty awesome moments this month. I absolutely love the random acts of affection that you give out now. You grab my hand and kiss it or come in for a quick cuddle in the middle of your constant playing. You also get a kick out of pushing my head and daddy's head together so we kiss. The highlight of the month, though, happened when Daddy was out of town. You had been cranky all morning (I think because you missed your morning bonding time with him). I was feeling a little deflated, until the three most amazing words came out of your mouth- "I-wuv-you!" You had said this before, with our prompting, but never unprovoked. It was even accompanied by a hug, so I think you knew what you were saying. I'll remember that moment as long as I live.

It's gotten much colder, so we haven't been able to get outside as much as I'd like (and definitely not as much as you'd like). I don't know what we're going to do this winter! We were able to squeeze in a few walks and park play dates, though.
You also "helped" us rake leaves. I wonder if you'll find this chore as fun when you're old enough to really help...
Halloween was really fun this year. Daddy and I picked out a monkey costume for you because we thought it was cute. When you tried it on and saw yourself in the mirror you went ballistic! You screamed "George!" and showered yourself with kisses. Silly us. Although you have become completely obsessed with Curious George, that hadn't even crossed our minds. So instead of just a plain old monkey, you became George. The Saturday before Halloween you and I went to a Pumpkin Party at the community center. You and your friend across the street had the same costume!
You were pretty tired that morning, so we didn't stay long enough for the costume parade, but you did get to meet your 2nd favorite character- Elmo!
On the way out, you and your mini-George tried to hide from me in a locker. Typical George behavior I guess...
Notice in the pictures above that your mini-me (aka Curious George) goes with you everywhere. You found him at Grandma White's house and haven't put him down since. Like I said, you're obsessed. It started with a book from Grandma Hacker. Then, we made the mistake of letting you watch the show. Now, whenever you walk past the TV you point and say "George? George?" in a voice that becomes more and more demanding if your request is not granted. I have to admit, we watched far too many episodes when you were stuck inside with strep (thank you Netflix), but I'm afraid you're completely addicted now.

On Halloween we had a costume party with your ECFE class and later that afternoon we met up with your friend Christopher who was also dressed as a monkey!!
That evening, we went trick-or-treating for real (as opposed to last year when we carried you to two houses). You walked right up to the doors and knocked.
However, when people answered, instead of saying "trick-or-treat" and waiting patiently for a piece of candy, you'd barge right in. At this house you grabbed a clock off their table- thankfully our neighbors like you and didn't press charges. Although you weren't able to keep the clock, you did score a pretty cool truck from another neighbor.
Although some times have been trying (hello terrible twos), it is so rewarding to see you grow and learn each and every day. It's hard to believe that last Halloween you were still just a little baby that could fit into a pumpkin. It makes my heart hurt.

Happy 20 months, peanut monkey!
Love, Mom

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