Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby's First Christmas Crafts

These adorable keepsakes are the result of a crafting playdate with one of my mom groups. We foolishly thought that we'd be able to make our crafts while the six 8-10 month olds "played" with eachother. Ha!! All I got accomplished at the playdate was outlining Jackson's hands and feet on paper (I finished the rest at home after Jax went to bed).

  • baby hands and feet
  • pencil
  • cardstock
  • scrapbook paper
  • gluestick
  • scissors
  • googly eyes (is that the technical term?)
  • gem embellishments

General Directions:
  • trace baby's footprints and handprints onto a piece of cardstock (while this may sound simple, it is by far the most complicated step- at least with my squirmy little guy)
  • cut out footprints and handprints to make templates
  • use templates to make as many hands and feet as you need

  1. adhere two handprints to a larger piece of scrapbook paper for the antlers (I used a brownish-gold cardstock)
  2. adhere footprint for the head of the reindeer (I used cream cardstock)
  3. add googly eyes to the footprint (I used self-adhesive ones from JoAnn)
  4. adhere red gem for the nose
  5. add baby's name and date (I used stickers initially, but they came off right away so I ended up just writing the name and date with a red sharpie)
  1. adhere one handprint for Santa's beard (I used white cardstock)
  2. adhere Santa hat (I happened to find this in a dollar bin at JoAnn, but you could easily make one with scrapbook paper or felt)
  3. adhere googly eyes
  4. cut out oval and adhere for Santa's nose
I'm planning on framing one, or both, to display every year during the holidays. These would make great gifts for grandparents, too.

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