Friday, October 7, 2011

7 months

You are now a very active 7 month old.  The most common description we hear about you (besides how cute you are) is how curious you are.  It's so much fun to watch you study your surroundings with your pensive little face.  You absolutely love visiting new places and meeting new people.  You are an expert roller and can get wherever you want surprisingly fast (let the baby proofing begin- we should have started that a long time ago).  A few days ago, I left you playing in your room alone for approximately 3 minutes.  I almost had a heart attack when I came back in because you were nowhere to be found.  Then, I heard you kicking the floor and realized that you had rolled under your crib!  I guess you needed to find out what was under there...  The next day, I left you on your activity mat and found you across the room (with the mat) just a couple minutes later.
You continue to grow like a weed!  You are now weighing in at around 18 pounds and are 29 inches long.  You had your 6-month well-visit a couple of weeks ago and we found out that you are in the 47th percentile for weight and the 93rd percentile for height (not too surprising).  Your hair is long and wavy and your eyes are a very "peculiar" (in your doctor's words) greyish/bluish/brownish color.  You are also pretty much on track for all of the developmental milestones:
You can sit independently (with only an occasional topple over).
You can even stand now (with a little support).
You have also started to try to crawl...  You seem to have all of the pieces, but haven't quite figured out how to put everything together.
Our suspisions last month regarding teething were correct.  Your middle two teeth on the bottom are now peeking through.
The most exciting development this month (in my opinion) is that you can now say da-da and ma-ma!!!  You said da-da first, but ma-ma followed just a few days later.  Supposedly (according to all the baby books) you don't really know what these words mean yet, but I beg to differ.  A couple of times you have said ma-ma while reaching for me (I almost died)!  Maybe you're a genius in the making..

We had an appointment with your orthotist last week and he did another scan to see how your noggin' is progressing and we got great news!  You are now in the normal range for pretty much everything.  He couldn't promise anything, but you'll probably only have to wear the helmet for another 2 months (which means we're already half way through)!  Woohoo!

We've started all of our new fall "classes."  Mondays we go to storytime at the library, Tuesdays we have Rolly Pollies at Amma Maternity, and Thursdays we have ECFE at the Edina Community Center.  Your favorite seems to be storytime at the library.  You have really started to enjoy books!  You sit on the floor in front of me and listen and touch the pictures on the page.  We usually get through several books before you get bored.  You also like looking at them on your own:
Every Sunday daddy decks you out in Vikings gear and you two watch the game together (too bad they haven't won a game yet).
You attended your first 1st birthday party this month.  It was for Caroline (your future wife, just kidding, sort-of)...
It has been a very warm fall, which we have taken full advantage of.  Last Wednesday, which was a record breaking 88 degrees, Leslie and I subjected you and Christopher to a pumpkin photo shoot.  We felt bad sticking you guys inside of a pumpkin, but you both seemed to like it!
And, because I obviously don't take enough pictures of you, we had another little photo shoot by Lake Harriet and in the surrounding gardens.
Daddy was off today and we took a little road trip to Taylor Falls to look at the leaves.  We didn't think this through completely because rocky paths on the edge of cliffs are not baby or stroller friendly...  Needless to say we didn't get very far, but we were at least able to enjoy a little bit of the scenery.

Last, but certainly not least, your great-grandma Berg passed away this month.  I am so thankful that you were able to meet her, but wish that you had a chance to get to know her better because she was an amazing woman.  On our last visit with her, just a couple of weeks ago, we played Bingo with her and her friends.  Then we went back to her apartment where she held you in her arms.  I'll never forget how she would hold your little hand in hers and gaze at you so lovingly.  We'll miss her dearly!

Happy seven months peanut!
Love, Mom

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