Monday, August 8, 2011

5 months!

You are growing up so fast my darling!  You're about 16.5 pounds and 27 inches long.  At your 4 month well-visit you were in the 42nd percentile for weight and the 83rd percentile for height.  Not only are you growing bigger, this has been a huge month for you developmentally!  About a week after your 4 month birthday you started rolling from tummy to back.  I was reading you a story during tummy time when, all of a sudden, you rolled to your side.  A few seconds later, you rolled all the way to your back.  I immediately put you back onto your tummy as I got the camera ready to capture this milestone.  Well, you were too fast for me- within seconds you had rolled onto your back again.  This time I got the camera ready before I put you back on your tummy:

We repeated this about five times and then you took a two hour nap!  Yes, TWO HOURS!!  I think you were so preoccupied with trying to master the roll that you couldn't sleep.  You've been napping much better ever since.  Phew!  You haven't quite mastered the back to tummy roll, although I'm sure you could...  As soon as you get close, you seem to realize what's about to happen and you quickly rotate to your back again.  You are a smart boy!  Speaking of which, you just roll over now when you're sick of tummy time (which is often just a few seconds in).

Back to the subject of sleep...  Your bedtime has been getting earlier and earlier over the past couple of months.  How did we know to put you to bed earlier you ask?  Well, you have developed an ear piercing scream to let us know, not so subtly, that you are hungry or tired.  Daddy and I noticed that "the scream" was becoming very common around 7pm...  We knew you were tired, but we had gotten used to giving you your last bottle around 8 or 9pm.  For about a week, we would keep you up until it was time for that last bottle.  We didn't understand what you were trying to tell us until you started refusing that feeding (sorry we're still new to this whole parenting thing).   Anyway, we finally put two and two together and have eliminated the last feeding.  Now you go to bed around 7pm and usually sleep until 6am.  I thought for sure that you would wake up in the middle of the night starving, but you haven't.  However, at least a couple times a week, you're ready for the day 4 or 5am.  I think you are going to be an early bird like your daddy!  (Mommy has been relying heavily on caffeine).

Since you were born, everyone has said how much you look like your daddy.  Just in the past week, however, I've had several people tell me that you look just like me!  Maybe it's because of your light hair...  Your eyes are still a dark bluish-grey color, but they're getting some specks of golden brown.  It will be interesting to see if they turn brown over the next month (supposedly they'll stay whatever color they are at 6 months).

Another big event this month was your first foray into solid foods.   We got the go-ahead from your doctor, so we gave rice cereal a try and you loved it!  You got the hang of it after only a few bites.  The trickiest part is trying to keep the spoon away from you.  You try to feed yourself, but don't have the best aim yet...  We're just sticking with rice cereal for now to practice, but I'm excited to make you some fruits and vegetables.  Does anyone have any advice on introducing solids or any good baby food recipes to share?

As I mentioned in the previous post, you were diagnosed with torticollis and plagiocephaly this month.  This has been really hard on dad and I because we hate to see you in pain, but the stretches are getting easier every day.  Your physical therapist thought your neck seemed to be improving already, so it's paying off!  Next week, you will get a cranial remolding helmet to correct the plagiocephaly.  The specialist thinks you'll have to wear it for about 4-6 months...  I'm praying that it's not too uncomfortable and that you adjust to it quickly.

Finally, the absolute best thing happened this month...  you started laughing!!  Your first laugh was at me, well sort-of...  We were on our way home from your great-grandma's and I was riding in the back seat with you because you were not too thrilled with the long car ride.  As we pulled into our bumpy driveway both of our heads jerked around.  Apparently, you thought this was hilarious!  Your laugh is the cutest thing I've ever heard!  Over the past few weeks daddy and I have tried everything we can think of to make you laugh again.  We've finally realized that the only way to make you laugh is to jostle you around- I guess you like physical comedy...
Happy five months peanut!
Love, Mom

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